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lostn'foundagain's picture
on October 6, 2014 - 7:43am

I like that word ^w^ it's funny, you can use it when you're bored, angry, happy XD it's just a fun word lol
So after Aaron dumped me on Friday, he started trying to text me again and be like "I need hugs" and shit like that XD haha, i said "no can do, and that's all your fault ^w^" he got pissed and started talking abt being depressed an shit :/ so my friend Austin told him to Fuck off pretty much. Aaaaaand Aaron threatened to "fuck him up"! lol Austin is WAAAAY bigger! But i hate fighting so they came to an agreement. Aaron leaves me and my friends alone, we'll leave him alone and not report some of the shit he's done to the cops... :/ well, that was Austin's agreement.... I just want nothing to do with that asshole at the moment..... But Austin's been flirting with me :) it's really adorable,. I told him because i just got out of an abusive relationship with Aaron, I'm not getting into another relationship for a little while. He said he'd be more than happy to wait and just be my BFF X3 He's pretty cool,... a little older.. :/ like... uh... senior... so.. :/ yea... friends for now.
So, abt the whole National Coming Out DAY!!! I plan on taking a photo of me kissing a guy and one of me kissing a girl XD then posting them and the Bi/Pan flag on FaceBook ^w^ that's one way to tell your folks!! haha, so yea... I've been way happier lately. the past 3 days have been really great actually :) i haven't thought of the usual depressing things!