im just writing this off the top of my head.

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im just writing this off the top of my head.

twas a stormy, cloudy night
when the demon took her life.
curled in a corner,
nowhere to run
nowhere to hide.

so up she looked
into it's eyes.
they were the blue
of a cloudless day,
the blue of a depthless ocean.
so down, down she sank,
lost in the blue
of a depthless day...

the bubbles stopped
at her lips,
no more need for air,
no more need for life.
yet still she did cling
to that last hope or dream.
twas a blissful feeling
of weightlessness,
of sleep.

never did she think
she would wake in her bed,
to a blue cloudless day,
to her covers,
a depthless gray.
her hair astray,
sick with fever,
yet still a feeling inside.
a feeling of blissful sleep...
~I don't know yet what this is about, but I literally JUST wrote it.... i want ou to think of what it would mean to you, if there was to even be meaning....