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Hey Guys! Missed Halloween postings by a few minutes **it's now the 1st**

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lostn'foundagain's picture
on October 31, 2014 - 10:12pm

ok, happy late birthday Frank! lol I missed posting this on Halloween by a single minute!!! It is now the 1st of November and my mother's wedding is today.
I really didn't expect today to be that great, but it was fucking awesome!!!! Hung out with friends at school, embarrassed the shit outa myself, helped decorate for the wedding, dressed up some college students, went to a haunted maze, and am now posting this =^.^= BTW, this is me... I had a lot of fun with my costume, as simple and easy as it was. I actually loved it cx
*I wore a red tie with a Nightmare Before Christmas tank top tucked into black highwaisted shorts, over skeleton leggings. Nightmare Before Christmas hand warmers, black rose earrings, and an MCR sweater ^w^ plus fake purple/black eyelashes, bite marks[real and fake!], and a lot of lipstick!! haha, it was fun. I hope you all had an AMAZING Ieroween!! XD