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I'm veeeeerry happy! I'm nearly finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo64... I know that's delayed to the extreme. It came out in 1998. But back then I was only 1 year old so I couldn't exactly beat Ganondorf (evil villain) then. xDD

If anyone has this game, they will know that in Ganon's Castle there is that weird tower in the middle of the massive room and there's multi-coloured beams going into it and you have to go in different rooms to shut down the beams. WELL, I went in one room and a hand grabbed me out of nowhere and I swear I nearly had a heart attack! But, yeah, nearly there...

Another thing: I've started watching Pokemon (Yes, I'm 14 and, yes, this may seem lame). I'm on episode 11. Just a few more hundred to go...I LOVE JAPANESE CARTOONS!! Lol.

-Dark Spark