Yoga Is The Coolest Low Impact Exercise EVER!

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Yoga Is The Coolest Low Impact Exercise EVER!


I know I've been going on and on about my weight loss. Now I will take a break from yapping about my weight number and talk about how I picked up yoga a month ago and how much I love it! And now it helps me control my food cravings!

I'm not trying to shove it on anyone, but it can help with SO MANY things that we use drugs for (in conjunction with your physician's counseling) ! Fibromyalgia, arthritis, general pain, overweight issues, runner aches, laziness, anxiety and mental disorders and a WHOLE lot more! I always thought I couldn't do yoga since I was so overweight, but it is great as a low impact exercise!

I'm not the most flexible person like so many others, but the poses are simple enough that I can tailor difficult ones to my level. It's hard for me to get a routine going and keep it, but yoga relaxes and calms you, balances your body and its systems' functioning out, and has less risk of serious injury. Yoga is a keeper for sure.

Keep Calm and Never Stop Running,