Wow...Three Months...

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Wow...Three Months...

Hey everyone!

Wow, has it really been three months since I posted anything on here? I need to stop using my iPod Touch so much (hehe, it rhymed!). Anyway, here's a few things that have gone on in the past three months.

I celebrated my twenty third birthday and ate dinner at the burger joint Fuddrucker's, went to Canyon Lake and drove down to New Braunfels and picked up some awesome brand name old mini playing cards and a deck of cards that is supposed to tell a story and some unopened IBM cards-though the box was roughed up, got my nails done at the beauty school there, went to Gruene and bought a Texas license plate from my birthyear- which turned out to be when they were still putting out Texas's Sesquicentennial Anniversary (150 years of statehood:1836-1986) plates.

During that same vacation we drove to San Marcos which was closer to Canyon Lake than I thought and went to the outlet mall there. I went to the Vera Bradley outlet store and since they were having a Buy1, get 1 1/2 off sale, I bought a small crossbody purse and a phone case, which I have needed since I lost my old one a couple years ago.

I then celebrated my mom's birthday and remembered my paw paw's birthday in August and my brother's on the 12th of this month and my nephew's first birthday on the 15th- the day after his real birthday since my brother and his wife both work and we left for Galveston that afternoon. We stayed there until last Tuesday. I learned how to play straight dominoes and it is fun! I also learned my friend DJ decided to go into the Navy, following after both his grandfathers. He leaves the week before Christmas and we celebrated his birthday(which is really tomorrow) on Friday.

Throughout the last couple months I have been doing summer cleaning- recycling school papers that I don't need (or want) to keep, expired coupons and other papers, sold a few books and CDs, and reorganized the bookshelves and repositioned some items to properly display them and some to put them away, preventing distraction and getting them out of spots not being used to their fullest.

The most emotional thing I did was sort through some of my birthday cards. I probably had at least 100- minus the valentines from years gone by. I got rid of 60 cards, but I saved all my graduation (high school and college), my brother's wedding shower (since I helped plan it), my 16th birthday and cards from people I rarely see. I ran across the birthday card from my granny and paw paw from last year. It was and will always be the last card signed "Granny & Paw Paw". I cried when I realized what it was. It still hurts...:(

Anyway, that's what has happened in the last three months. Deciding on the all in one pre ordering of the 7" vinyls from the scrapped album in October. Catch ya later!