Well, It's Been A Couple Months

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Well, It's Been A Couple Months


Sorry I've been absent for quite awhile. When last I posted, I put up pictures. Since Pedernales Falls was three months ago, I am no longer 171. As of Sunday morning, I was 157! 14 more pounds! I'm now fighting between 157 and 158, so I've gotta up my game again...

My dad found an awesome workout app almost three weeks ago the morning I left for Canyon Lake and man did it work! I weighed myself that morning and I was 160. I usually get a little out of control as far as food intake goes there, but since I was able to jog my way up the incline this time(and believe me. I thought "Why am I doing this?" a couple of times). It was not easy. When I got back home, I was 158! Since I started the exercises, it helped me keep off another 2 pounds, along with portion control up there!

Now, when I look in the mirror, my belly looks better, so the weight I gain back during the day probably goes to my behind. Oh, and I got the first issue of the Killjoy comic for my birthday from my friend! Not a whole lot else you need to know, so farewell again for hopefully not so long.

Keep Calm and Carry On,