Weight News From The Past Week

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Weight News From The Past Week


I have some more stuff to tell you. Here's the first: I haven't jogged a step since I was probably 13. I'm teaching myself to jog again by jogging in place in my room and backyard (there are a few nutters in my neighborhood). That is the first item. I jog at a snail's pace, but having a playlist to jog to helps though.

The second item is: I'm focusing on losing my belly fat. That issue is being handled by the item above and I started an exercise Jillian Michaels is putting in her most recent tape yesterday. It involves eight pound weights, but that would kill me and I don't even have any that weight- I'm using my mom's old, underused 3.3 lb weights. They do the job.

Third: I have this American Eagle shirt that I fit in, but my belly fat was preventing it from settling on me right. I bought it and one other (that had no problem looking the way it should) in March at an outlet sale in San Marcos. Since the first time I jogged last week, I've been staring at it. I put it on this morning after my jog and shower and...MY BELLY FAT DOESN'T MAKE IT STICK OUT!

The final piece of information is that I've reached my first goal of 20lbs! The last time I weighed on my mom'snew scale I was 165! The heaviest I remember being in recent years is 196 before Danger Days came out probably 09 cuz I looked AWFUL in some of my Germany pictures. If you wanted you could say 30 lbs but I'm sticking to last August and 187.

Keep running,