Thunder, Lightning, Rain and Rolling Stone

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Thunder, Lightning, Rain and Rolling Stone

Hey Killjoys!

Everyone cheer for the rain Texas has needed has finally been here! There was a 20% chance yesterday, but due to it being so low a chance, it didn't come. It came at around 9 A.M. this morning though! I love the thunder and lightning. They are two of the most fascinating things about weather to me (underneath natural disasters). It's still thundering, and we got another inch of rain like we did last week! As good as 2 inches this close together is, we need a little more!

Oh, about the Rolling Stone magazine I got today. It's the November 25th issue with the magazine's review of Danger Days in it! My mom had a hold of the magazine first, flipping through the pages and when she said "My Chemical Romance" I was "Give it!"
She said, "Say that and she's gone." Sucks that the magazine is delivered a month after the issue date though.

I thought it was funny because she hasn't done an expression or comment like that since I got my Green Day poster for Christmas back in 2005- I had already bought it when I went to see Harry Potter with my grandma during Thanksgiving. She kept it at her house and gave it to me for Christmas and I said, "Yeeaaaahhhh!!" My mom rolled her eyes with this "Unbelievable. I take away the CD and she gets a poster" smile.

Well, that's it for today!

-Siren of Destruction