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Hey Killjoys,

Hope everyone (including those in Brazil affected by the floods) are doing okay tonight. I am STILL without Internet! The people sent the email saying it got shipped last night, and it will take 3-5 days to get here! It SUCKS with no Internet in my room! Maybe tomorrow when I'm at the college for Mahjongg my mom will let me stay after for awhile to get on the Internet there so I can play a few of my iTouch Apps that require Internet connections!

Oh, and it's been REALLY COLD here in Texas the past couple days which has made it FEEL like winter finally! Hasn't reached 50 for the past two days, today it only got to 43 and rain is scheduled a couple days from now, so hopefully we'll get some more cold weather!

Wearing your pullover with the hood up inside the house makes me feel like the Unibaumer! (or however you spell it) Sorry if that was totally random, but it's true!

-Siren of Destruction