Spring Break- Bad to Worse. Following week- Not as bad.

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Spring Break- Bad to Worse. Following week- Not as bad.

Hey everyone,

I tried posting this a few days ago, but it wouldn't agree with me. My Spring Break didn't start off so well. We were eating lunch and my mom brought our white as snow cat Anna Molly into our living room and put her on the sofa. They had to make the decision on whether to put her down or not because she couldn't move after going to the bathroom in my parents' room. They decided to do it. T_T

They called the vet down the road for a time to go and they said 2 p.m. We just kept petting her until then. Then at about a quarter till, Mom told me to say good bye. I gave her one last kiss on the head and let them take her. She lived 17 years, so she lived a long life, but I've had her since I was 4. It still doesn't feel right without her. T_T ;( There are a couple of pictures, including the last one I took of her(the 3rd picture).

My dad's computer crashed a few days later, so they had to get a new one since he worked at home. Thankfully things went better after that. I got a 90 on my philosophy midterm and did pretty good remembering all the movements I've learned so far in my Tai Chi class.

Well, that's it for awhile.

Anna Molly: Spring/Summer 1993- March 13, 2010