Sorry I Haven't Been On

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Sorry I Haven't Been On

Hey Killjoys,

I apologize for not being on. I was spending a couple days with my grandma, 5 dogs and 2 cats. She's cat-and dog-sitting my cousin's pets while they are in Telluride for their Christmas holiday. I had the computer, but I only got on Facebook and FicWad! That and we visited a friend of hers who I've known since I was little and finished two jigsaw puzzles.

Other reasons:
-Christmas shopping
-Dentist appointment
-half Christmas,half congrats for graduating party at Mahjongg last Friday- I GOT $85 -from the Mahjongg people!
-Christmas with my neighbor
-baking Christmas food
-watching Christmas shows

You probably get it that most of it is Christmas-related crap lol. I WANT IT TO BE COLD DAMMIT! WHY WON'T IT GET COLD!!!

Anyway, all of you Killjoys that celebrate holidays during December, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, everything else and a Happy New Year!

-Siren of Destruction