Songs I Never Cried To Finally Made Me Cry

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Songs I Never Cried To Finally Made Me Cry


I thought I had taken the split relatively well, but on Sunday it hit me that they really disbanded. The thought "MCR has disbanded" keeps running through my head. Yesterday I cried to songs I never cried to before.

Disenchanted and I Don't Love You were two of my big favorites, and they never made me cry. Yesterday when I played them, I cried for the first time. That has NEVER happened with ANY band I've listened to since I was 11. I think I relied on them for my happiness a bit too much the past few years.

I am a pretty tough person and take deaths very well, but saying goodbye to these guys is harder than anyone I've said farewell to. It feels like I lost four brothers (my brothers are much older than me). They were THAT special to me. I'm having a tough time typing this because I don't know if the site will stay or if I'll even visit in the future.

Never stop running, don't be afraid to live, and carry on,

P.S. Look forward to the Killjoy comic this summer. I bet it will be cool. :)