Sometimes I Wish That...

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Sometimes I Wish That...


I have a couple things to say. I was doing a couple of chores the other day and cried to Kids From Yesterday. I stare at my 3 posters for a couple minutes every day (not that I can ignore them- they greet me when I wake up every morning). Sometimes within this past month I've wished that they hadn't affected me so much. Then it wouldn't be so hard to say "Oh, well if it didn't feel natural anymore, that's cool" and be done with it. It would not have been so hard to say good bye.

No band has actually affected my life in anyway until these guys- not even Green Day, which was the "you can't listen to this band I forbid it" band in high school. I guess that's what happens when a band that has improved your view on your life and others' splits and go separate ways. It's hard to say "Okay time to find another band". Thankfully I have Fun., Imagine Dragons and some of my older favorites.

Sometimes I wish that they hadn't split, but if it wasn't feeling the same, then it was time. It would be a lot easier if they hadn't impacted me so much. I still thank God they were around and I discovered them. I would not have gotten through my friend's funeral without them.