Sometimes I Don't Know Why We're Still Friends

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Sometimes I Don't Know Why We're Still Friends


I'm friends with a girl who, for the most part, is a decent friend. We've known each other for years, but sometimes I wonder why we're friends or why I'm still her friend. She is only a few months behind me in age and only JUST got her drivers license, doesn't have a job yet and has some of the worst habits I know a person to have. And even though she has ADD and dyslexia, she spells worse than a typical person with dyslexia and has the handwriting of a 4 year old. She acts 3 instead of 23 sometimes and it seems to me that we get into more petty debates in the past year. I've pondered over this several times during the last year.

Is it because I've changed some habits in conjunction with my weight loss? Is it purely because we are just going through a bumpy part on the road of friendship? And if we're such good friends, why am I not as enthusiastic about her coming to see me? I don't even find things I used to think of as funny as such anymore. I find myself trying to get out of some phone calls for time to do what I want. I find I'm wishing her to find a job sooner than later. Is something wrong with me?

Any ideas?