Saw My Estranged Grandfather Last Night For The First Time In My Life

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Saw My Estranged Grandfather Last Night For The First Time In My Life

Hey Killjoys!

I went to my two second cousins party last night in College Station. Mikey was turning 3 and Christopher was turning 1. :) My dad and I were watching the cars pull in commenting our truck was the most color of all the vehicles before many people got there (a lot were greys and silvers). Then, one car pulled up and my mom had appeared next to me. A elderly couple came out and my mom said the woman looked like a woman named Gail and that looked like Fred.

"That looks like Gail. Then that must be Fred."
I said, "Fred who?"
My mom said, "Your grandfather."
"That's him?"

The reason I was so shocked is because my mom hasn't spoken or seen him in 33 years- the whole time she's been married. She was going to let him come to her wedding, but he wanted to walk her down the aisle. She said no and he didn't come.

You see he cheated on my grandma with her best friend (the woman Gail) and so they split up. Whenever my mom and uncles went to see him as kids, he'd get drunk before they got there cuz it's the only way he knew how to deal with those things.

When they came inside the hall I was sitting down. Gail was staring at me while my uncle, who still had a semblance of a relationship with him, was talking. She stared at me for a good minute while I was telling Mom, "That lady's stare is creeping me out."

Mom told me it was probably cuz of my resemblance to her. Mom even had me get stuff for her because she didn't want to speak to him. She wasn't going to make contact unless he made the effort to come talk with her. The same went with me. I wasn't going to say anything to him unless someone introduced me to him. She told me Gail was a witch- which she probably was...

It felt strange knowing he was there and knowing his bad history with my mom and grandma, who had to smile at him when she encountered them as they were leaving. I couldn't help making side glances over to the table they were at. Turned out he was very uncomfortable- probably cuz of my mom since she is his only daughter. Gail stared at me again for a few seconds later on.

It will probably be the only time I'll ever see his face, but now I know what he looks like...