OPPA GANGNAM STYLE- With a little Deadmau5...

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OPPA GANGNAM STYLE- With a little Deadmau5...


Everyone by now has probably heard about "Gangnam Style" by the Korean singer Psy. I usually don't teach myself the dance steps to viral videos, but since he is taking a big step for Asian music (by signing to a US label!), I decided, "Why the hell not? They aren't too complicated, so I can do them with little difficulty."

I feel so happy! I can do most of the steps without problems! The back and forth with the hips during "Heeey, sexy lady" is problematic, but I can work on it. I told my friend I taught myself the steps and she was so shocked she said "Alert the media- Allison learned a dance to a K-pop song!"

I also bought Deadmau5's new album last weekend when I went to Canyon Lake for the second time this year. We went back to the San Marcos outlet stores and I bought the CD at the Hot Topic and a Vera Bradley crossbody Hipster purse/bag as a Christmas present for my friend. Totally awesome. And ya gotta know I love "Professional Griefers"!

So long and good night (it is night right now),