Number 2 and 3

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Number 2 and 3


I've been a bit busy with my brother and his family being in town, but I managed to order Number Two from Amazon. Stupid pricks made me get an account in order to do so, but whatever. I went ahead and just bought Number Three on iTunes since I got a card for Christmas, but I still plan on ordering a vinyl copy from Amazon next month.

I wanted the box set but I needed to save my money for Christmas shopping, so I was out of luck since apparently everyone else didn't.Oh well. I've listened to a couple of the songs on YouTube(aside from The World Is Ugly since I've heard that one before) and I wish they still could have released this album as a whole but hey, I get to expand my record collection. I'm more than happy with that.

Oh- one more thing. I went to the mall with my sister in law last week and bought gray leopard print denim jeans! It's my first pair of print pants, and I'm excited to wear them tomorrow at a farewell dinner with my brother and his family. Hopefully my sister in law will wear her pair too- she liked mine so much she got a pair for herself!

Les Miserables rules,