On my Way to My Dr.'s Appointment

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On my Way to My Dr.'s Appointment

Hey everyone!

Today was a great day. Did my usual morning routine but left earlier since I had a dr.'s appointment at 12:30. We took the usual route into town and even though it's only been a week, I forgot where the funeral home the service for Jonathan was held. I looked over on the right side of the highway and saw its name out front- Memorial Oaks Funeral Home.

I was in the car and when I saw it I immediately went back to the Saturday before last and almost cried. It still hurts. I'm lucky I didn't cry or else I'd be explaining why to my doctor. We didn't take the same way back due to construction ( I hate that crap), but still made it back in time for my mom to drive straight to the college and not go home first. Despite the wait to see my doctor and worrying I'd be late, I still got there on time.

I cried again while I wrote this, though not near as hard as the one I wrote the Saturday before last. Guess I still got some tears and grief to release.