The MarkerFor My PawPaw's Grave

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The MarkerFor My PawPaw's Grave


Right before her birthday last week is when my granny got a letter saying they were done making the marker for my paw paw's resting place. So hopefully the next time we go, it will be there.

The day we went to see him in February (the anniversary) Mom and I were in the car on the way to Mahjongg when I asked what she would want on hers and she said "My whole name. Not just Melanie S. My middle name too." I told her, "I'll try to remember and help the boys (my brothers) remember that's what you want if you go first."

I even asked her if she would go to her father's funeral and she said "I'll go to the visitation, but not the funeral." I can see why: her father was a cheater.

Well, I think this is the last you will hear from me today,