Life On The Murder Scene and Mahjongg

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Life On The Murder Scene and Mahjongg


Yesterday it rained all afternoon and evening. We ended up with four inches. During the afternoon, I watched Life On The Murder Scene for the first time in probably 3-4 years. It's been so long I forgot there was a screw up in the disc at the part about Howard Benson and had to go back to the menu and select the next chapter.

Note to self: Buy new copy of LOTMS.

On another note, some of you may have noticed I have written about playing Mahjongg on Fridays with the age 50+ ladies during the school year, stepping in when some of them can't be there since my mom is part of the group. Apparently a couple of them have finally said something about me. They are apparently uncomfortable with how fast I figure out what I want to play and sometimes when they share their gossip they feel kind of odd with a girl in her early 20s at their table...So Miss Judy, the lady who runs the Mahjongg group will put me with ladies that like to play with me. I can see where they are coming from though. No offense to me really.