Is it Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) or A Cold?

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Is it Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) or A Cold?

Hey everyone,

Here's the deal. My mom got the RSV from my one year old nephew while babysitting the night I went to see Lincoln with my brother and sister in law. It takes about 4 days at the minimum for the virus to show its symptoms, which are cold-like for adults.

I had direct contact with her day before yesterday, and now I've had the start of a itchy throat- though not all the way to sore throat yet. I've already drank a boatload of water and tea. It might be either thing, but I'm hoping it's just a cold and I don't get the horrible cough my mom has. She has to resort to covering her mouth with a bandana she has and stays in her bedroom.

If I DID catch the RSV from my mom, I'm praying to God I won't get that awful dry cough my mom is going through. And to be safe at the doctor's tomorrow, I took a 24 hour allergy pill.

Here's hoping for just a cold,