It Feels Weird

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It Feels Weird


I have something to admit. It feels weird that just as Fall Out Boy reunited, MCR split. It also feels weird to me when I think about my records and the DVDs. I was super sad when I read they separated because they had no real problems amongst themselves that would break them up. I've accepted it and now and then lately I think of memories associated with some of their songs.

I even look at my posters and realize they were the band I was most involved with. Sometimes when I sit down I don't know what to do because a lot of my free time had to do with them. It even felt weird putting my letter to Gerard in the mail because I did it AFTER the split.

Sometimes I have to think "Your life isn't dependent on them. Remember them, but don't stop living." And I have. It just feels weird not seeing any headlines about them anymore. I was a fan for five years, and it was a good five years. Now I just listen to the music and sometimes watch the good ole' interviews.

It's hard to listen to anything else. I listened to them nonstop for about a week and a half after the split. I forced myself to listen to something else. They made a mark, and it is a mark that will last forever. Everyone in the MCRmy can bet their lives on that.