I Made a New Friend Today :)

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I Made a New Friend Today :)


I don't know if it was me deciding to wear one of my more recent MCR shirts or shorts or something else, but I made a new friend today! His name is Joshua and he's three years younger than me. I met him today at Mahjongg because he was observing to see how the game is played.

I gave him my email and cell so we can chit chat. That's pretty much all, though I did go dewberry picking behind my uncle and aunt's neighborhood. There's a huge ditch and they grow all along there. My dad saw a garden snake- and we saw a bunny rabbit! It was hopping away because the snake hissed at it. I love bunny rabbits...

And for those of you who don't know what dewberries are, they are just another name for blackberries. My aunt makes an excellent dewberry pie. Yum...