Hehe, I joined MCRmy.com!

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Hehe, I joined MCRmy.com!

Hey Killjoys!

As many people already have, I joined everyone else on MCRmy.com! It reminds me of Twitter without all the hash signs. I had a Twitter, but it wasn't all that great, so I deactivated it (I did the same with my MySpace). I'll probably be posting all over the boards in General Discussion, and I use the name I use on here, just so it's easier to associate the two.

Oh, a Houston, TX branch of the MCRmy has been submitted. So if you are from Houston and the surrounding areas like Pearland, Sugar Land, etc...you may join when it has been processed and posted under the United States branch. Just so the people from Texas know, there is also a page on Facebook for MCRmy Houston, so check it out for those of you who have Facebook accounts.

Well I shall say good night,

-Siren of Destruction