Green Tea and Gym Workouts

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Green Tea and Gym Workouts


I just wanted to let y'all know what's been going on in my world of losing weight and getting in better shape.

My mom has been away this summer babu sitting my nephew and niece and gave my dad an ultimatum. Either use the gym membership or we're cancelling it when I get home. So, he started going to the gym. We talk to her almost every day, so we can tell her all what we did in the last day. I got to talking with her about being stuck in between 157 and 158, so she made a suggestion.

"Why don't you start going to the gym with your dad?"

So, last Monday was my first trip with him. We go four out of the five weekdays and take the weekends off. I was able to do 30 crunches (didn't matter which ones) without getting too winded before I started going. I did some crunches last night since I didn't do them when I got back from the gym, and I learned something I am proud of: Now I can do 50!

Also, it hasn't been proven to be concrete, but they say green tea can be an aid while losing weightif you drink at least two cups a day. It has caffeine, so it speeds up your metabolism a little bit along with its other advantages. I weight in at 155 in the mornings now, so I think I'll like going to the gym.

You wouldn't hear me say "I like going to the gym" when I was in high school or even last spring! Anyway, I thought y'all just might like to know how I'm doing.

Peace, love and vampires,