Fires in Texas!

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Fires in Texas!

Hey Killjoys,

I just wanted to let you know about something that freaked me out on Facebook. One of my friend's talked of a fie in Magnolia, Texas. That's only about an hour or so from Houston- which is where I live. My mom even told me to bag my medicine if we end up having to evacuate. So far Harris County hasn't been alerted to evacuate yet, so here's hoping the three counties named will be the only ones.

I'm also scared because my brother lives in The Woodlands, across the highway from another fire, my uncle is close to at least two of them and there's one south of where my grandma lives. This is scarier than a hurricane- which wasn't very scary for me. I hope everything turns out okay.

In other news, my mom pulled me out of bed because it's colder OUTSIDE than it is INSIDE! It is 68 outside! I wish it would stay that way.

Well, keep it ugly,

-Siren of Destruction