Feeling Unusually Tired...:/

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Feeling Unusually Tired...:/

Hey everyone,

I'm unusually tired tonight. I don't know why. I got up at 7 like I usually do for my Tuesday/Thursday classes and made it halfway through history (9:20 thereabouts) when I started to doze. I finally had to go splash some water on my face.

After my class ended, I checked the site to see if the code was up (which it wasn't) and then went to nap for an hour. I slept successfully and checked the mirror to see if my hair was messed up. I then made my way to creative writing. I was able to make it through without yawning or dozing.

I actually had to stay at the school since I was assisting my mother in helping another woman practice the Chinese game Mahjongg (not the computer game- totally different). Towards the end of our time I began yawning again. We left soon after and when I got home I took another one hour nap.

Here I am at 10:30 yawning. I don't usually feel tired this early. Maybe I should keep my vow to myself this time and actually go to bed early. It might help me be able to stay up when my alarm goes off at 8 tomorrow so I can buy the tickets at 10 when the pre-sale starts!

I'm going off to play some Sudoku to help pass the empty waking hours of my typical day.