An Awesome Shopping Day!

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An Awesome Shopping Day!

Hey everyone,

I went shopping with my sister in law today! And guess what- she brought my niece Maddison with her! It was a TOTAL surprise when I opened our front door last night! We didn't go downtown to any of the record stores. I was mistaken about that. We stopped at Target, Old Navy, Best Buy, Ross and Half Price Books. Half Price is the only one that had records, but I was not as fortunate as the other day.

I got an iTunes card at Target which I've been needing to buy some songs I found. I thought I'd never see the day I'd put a Katy Perry song on my list of 1200+ items. We then went to Best Buy where I bought James Durbin's debut album and found Lykke Li's "Wounded Rhymes"! I've wanted it since last summer!

We went to lunch at a place called Zaxby's with our friend, Jaci. I haven't seen her in awhile, so it was great for both of us to see her. They have some good chicken tenders- not those shaped ones that others make. We dropped Jaci back at her job and went to Ross and Half Price. We plan to take to the malls at the end of her trip!

Had an excellent morning and afternoon,
-Siren of Destruction