Another Update on my Progress

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Another Update on my Progress


I have another update on my weight loss progress! As of last week (or the week before), I have lost 33 pounds in one year! I am so proud of myself. I find it hard to believe how much better I look and how much better I feel!

What I was like before last August:
- nearing 190 lbs
- looked like a jumbo marshmallow
- hated exercising and the gym
- couldn't do jack sh*t as far as crunches and sit ups go
- could never get the motivation to start losing weight
- jealous of fitter kids in school (especially high school)
- total couch potato
- ate seconds of everything
- drank very little water and at least 3 or 4 sodas a week
- ate very little fruit
- ate lots of candy
- ate almost no salads (aside from small ones at dinner now and then)
-size XL in most tops/blouses/T-shirts
-size 16/18 in most jeans/shorts/skirts

Here are some changes:
- nearing 150 lbs
- I'm closer to a skinny marshmallow
- can do 60 crunches or sit ups
- can lift 50 lbs on most machines I use at the gym
- can walk & jog for an hour
- have more energy
- eat at least 2 fruits a day
- enjoy exercise and going to the gym
- no sodas; only water, unsweet tea and coffee
- my arms have less fat (so my drs. can find my vein to draw blood easier)
- size 10/12 in jeans/shorts (11/13 in junior size)
- size M in most T-shirts (2X in youth)
- size L in most tops (due partly to my breast size)

So, I have improved upon myself. I feel much better about myself and not so jealous of the classmates I yearned to be like in high school (not the skinny as a twig ones- just the slender ones). I wish this could have happened sooner, but that doesn't matter now. I still have 10 pounds to go, but I have no doubt that I CAN DO IT!

Keep Calm and Believe In Yourself,