Pink masquerade #15

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Pink masquerade #15

So just to let you know my video will feature me in a pink and grey masquerade mask to conceal my identity. Im uploading mine on the 12th so i can make it perfect. Dont know if that was truly important.....just throwing it out there...

Um.... my day today was great near the end. I got my blood drawn this morning... (she asked me which arm do i want the needle in, and i balled my hands up and said "niether".) My bf bought me breakfast and im so thankful for him and that. I just love being around him.

Him and my friends and you guys of course are the only people that can make me happy. And i feel so much self hate cuz he thinks i dont love him. He feels hurt every day because im just a miserable cunt when my family pisses me off... it really isnt ever his fault. But i digress...

I feel like utter crap right now. I just wish people would stop hating me and i can make at least a few people happy without hurting the many.... guess i wasnt meant to be.... sorry for the rant. Its just eating at me.