imagine that

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imagine that

There is a person, more than one of me, in my head, tearing my sanity to shreds. There is that one person that i THINK is me, trying to collect all of those shreds. I.... feel like im being strangled on from the inside. I just want to curl up and disappear more than anything ive ever felt.

Ive been screaming and fucking wailing and crying and you would have never guessed it. I woke up this morning looking for my X-acto knife and disappointed in the fact i threw out weeks ago, thinking i was fucking done with my depression. Im so damn stupid in thinking it would EVER go away.

What the fuck is wrong with me??

And all i want to do now, is just the same old story youve been hearing from me for months. Im going to literally die if i dont find out what is wrong with me soon. Something is eating at me from the inside and i can get rid of it. Im ready to jump the gun and be done with it.

Im SO FUCKING TIRED!!!!!!!!!! Im.... tired...and done. And insane. And blabbering on.