im just as confused as you are

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im just as confused as you are

Has anyone ever told you "I miss the old you. Why cant he/she come back?"
Well if you feel like saying, how does it make you feel?
I honestly cant say if its meant as encouragement or to make the person you are now feel like crap.

I get told that at least ten times a week by different people and i get this horrible pain in my core like..... like i killed someone i guess.
I mean i know as i got older, ive gotten worse, from grades to personality....

And it just hit me the other day when my dad looked at me and was like "Every time i look at you i think of the eleven years youve wasted, and how much time ive wasted on you"
And it was so random that i just had to breathe alil and then leave the room.

My biological mom became her worst person in her teens and i guess thats what happening to me now....
Maybe id know if she didnt leave when i was two... if she didnt ignore me for the past 14 years.

*LoneStar wants to be found again*