I'm board so I'm gonna copy this!

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I'm board so I'm gonna copy this!

1. height:5ft 5in

2. virgin: yes

3. shoe size: 10 (I have big feet)

4. sexual orientation: straight

5.do you smoke: No

6. do you drink: No, but I do enjoy Diet Coke

7. do you take/do drugs: NO!

8. what age do you get mistaken for: 15

9. tattoos: Does marker count?

10. piercings: Ears

11. Best friend: Sophie, analis, Caleb, Kayla

12. Relationship status: single

13. favorite movie:anything scary (I find it funny that this is #13)

14. Dream job: Profesional singer

15. What I need: MCR music, true friends

16. Favorite MCR member: Gerard / Frank ( I can't chose!)