My Chemical Romance

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My Chemical Romance

Ever since the breakup it's kind of like fans run the site now, it's literally the only activity, save people randomly purchasing things from the webstore. But onto the real question..

Short and sweet..

Does anyone ever type 'm' in the address bar of your browser and see '' there.. If you do, do you get a feeling of prehistoric misery?

I kinda do lol.. Not sure what to make of it.


The boys in Hawthorne Heights told me (I spent an entire day with them on the Vans Warped Tour recently, had a blast! If anyone cares to know lol.) they don't think MCR will stay disbanded for much longer. I trust their assumptions, considering they toured together on VWT 2005, and had numerous chances to get to know them. Let's hope that's true, and that their studio doesn't sell. So yeah.. Hah.