Killjoy Fanfic - Chapter 5

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Killjoy Fanfic - Chapter 5

This is a short chapter, too - I'm sorry :(
I'm just spacing it out to keep up the suspense and all that.
Chapter 6 coming later today (probably)


Arctic Avenger had decided that tonight, he would approach the Killjoys.
He crept slowly over while they were sitting around a radio.

A voice pierced the silence. A voice Arctic Avenger now knew of as belonging to Dr Death Defying, perhaps one of the most well known Killjoys.

Arctic Avenger walked more quickly now, eager to join the group.
And then one of them turned. A girl, by the looks of it.
Avenger decided he would talk to her first. So he walked out in the open.

He saw her take out her gun, and was surprised. Maybe she thought he was the enemy?
He must tell her the truth.

A ray of blue light shot past him, bursting into the darkening sky.
He ran now. He had to tell them.

But then another ray came, straight at him. Arctic Avenger tried to turn, but the brilliant blue was coming towards him.
And then, nothing.