My First iPod

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My First iPod

So recently I found my first iPod. It was a black iPod Classic with 160 GB of memory. And let me tell you, I packed this iPod with music, lots and lots of music with videos. When I first got this thing I had two functioning laptops with iTunes filled with music.

But, anyways. This was my first iPod and I gave said iPod to my best friend of almost 6 years now. The iPod itself is seven years old now. And three years ago I gave it to my best friend before he left to England, teh United Kingdom.
It was a rough time without that iPod; all my music was on it, my safe music and every kind of genre of music I had on that thing.

So recently, my best friend showed me that he still had it and that it is still operational and working at a good functioning level. I, myself am going through a rough time. I sit here alone right now writing this and just looking back on all these songs and bands I used to listen to. It makes me not worry about my troubles. It's good to see that something that's been in someone's possession for half it's life span and still be working great. This has shown me that my friend is responsibile and loyal and understands that something with sentimental value has meaning and how he could give it more meaning after all the years it has been gone from the original owner.

Thank you for reading.