Gibson SG special

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Gibson SG special

alright, so i just got this guitar, and i was wondering if anyone else had this problem if they have this guitar. I was at my friends house the other day, and whenever i didn't touch the strings, or any metal piece on the guitar, i got this very bad buzzing. now, i read up on it, and people say that its either a grounding problem within the guitar, or a problem with the grounding of the actual house, amp, etc. i tried it at my house, and i still get buzzing, but its not NEARLY as bad, but i was wondering HOW quiet will it get?...these pickups are humbuckers, so they're supposed to just cancel out most interference, but thats most, so i guess a little buzz is normal?

i have a line 6 spider III amp, and i turned up about half way, and you can hear a little bit of a buzz, but it wasnt as bad as the time at my friend's house, but over there, we plugged the guitar straight into a boss distortion pedal, and it buzzed with that. but he plugged his guitar in, and it was silent. he has an ibanez jem.

so, im going to guitar center this friday, to see if they can help me out, but i also notice that when you do touch something
(strings, bridge, etc.) it kinda pops/crackles a little, and then the buzzing gets quiet.

i know this isn't a guitar forum, but i was just wondering if anyone else with a guitar like this, has this problem.