Just One Of My Theories

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Just One Of My Theories

I've thought alot, about Missile Kid and her relevance to Danger Days and who she is with connection to the Na Na Na and SING videos (ever the analysist that I am). I know the band themselves have said that she is just a made up character that is friends with the Killjoys for whatever reason.

But recently, I've been thinking, could Missile Kid just be a metaphor? A metaphor for one of the themes of the album, that is? If you think about it, BL/ind throughout Na Na Na are trying to capture her, and when they do, in the SING video the Killjoys go on what they probably know is a suicide mission to save her from Korse and BL/ind.

I am most probably wrong, but I can't help but connect this to the fact that Missile Kid is a representation of everyone's inner kid, that we should never lose that sense of who we were, as they put in in Kids From Yesterday;

"When we were young we used to say, that you only hear the music when your heart begins to break, now we are the kids from yesterday"

As I've said I am most probably wrong, but yeah, that's just one of my theories about it. Because really, there is still so much we don't know about California 2019.