Conventional Weapons, And Many Other Stoofs. It's Been A While.

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Conventional Weapons, And Many Other Stoofs. It's Been A While.

It's been a long while since I last posted, and I guess I have a lot to say.

So, Conventional Weapons! I've been in absolute love with it. The fact that we as fans get to here these songs and are welcomed to another landmark in their music's evolution without the consequence of the band calling it quits, is just awesome. (Frank I believe had previously said that they would only ever unleash Conventional Weapons upon us should they decide to disband).

Hearing Boy Division for the first time was very overwhelming for me. Literally, it was the first new MCR I had heard in a very long time, and was like some sort of Revenge/Parade/DangerDays mash up. Me = ASDFGHJKL FEELINGS *DIE*

Another significant moment for me within the releases of Conventional Weapons was hearing the studio version of The World Is Ugly for the first time. A song which the fandom had been waiting for for nearly five years. As much as I loved it, it took me a little bit of getting used to at first. I guess this is because I was so used to hearing the live demo version. It changed a lot, but for the better.

The Light Behind Your Eyes. My emotions, even now with that song. One of my new favourite songs of all time ever. I love it so much. My tears. Need I say no more.

Conventional Weapons Number Four came out on my birthday of all days, which was fucking awesome. It was awesome to get a studio version of Kiss The Ring and Make Room!!! just made me smile.

So in conclusion to my Conventional Weapons experience (see what I did there? eyyyyyyy) I will in a particular order give my top eight so far;
1. The Light Behind Your Eyes
2. The World Is Ugly
3. Boy Division
5. Gun
6. Kiss The Ring
7. Make Room!!!
8. Tomorrows Money

In other news, I am currently supposed to be doing work right now, but fuck that. My tiredness levels have reached new heights even I didn't think possible and school. Sucks. Big time.
After my successes of the summer, I'm struggling. Struggling to find any form of motivation to put in any effort with my highers and I seemed to have reached a stand still.
Oh well. What can you do I guess.

Anyway, I've managed to get out most of what I needed to say MCR related on here. I need to start getting back into blogging regularly like this again. I missed it.