First Break-Up, I'm not sure how i feel i just need some comforting words.

So i had this thing with a guy in my school and he broke it off last night. I was texting him and later in the conversation he says and i quote " Well to be honest i don't really wanna go out cuz i'm starting to think i'm asexual but idk" ASEXUAL? ASEXUAL! And i feel like such an idiot and i played it off like it didn't hurt. I decided to tell him there that i was bicurious because why not right? But that doesn't change the fact that i liked him, like really liked him. We were only going out for six months tho and i made sure to not get so attached or serious so it hurts less than i would have. I mean i was trying to get serious and now i wonder if this relationship was one sided this whole time. Like in October i gave him a gift. it was a cd that i burned a playlist on. It was full of these cute songs about that special someone and i feel like such an idiot now. Here's the playlist
Music Again~ Adam Lambert
Wish You Were Here~ Avril Lavigne
I Miss You~ Blink 182
Summertime~ MCR
Demolition Lovers~ MCR
Caraphernelia~ Pierce The Veil
Just Tonight~ The Pretty Reckless
Hey Stephen~ Taylor Swift
Sparks Fly~ Taylor Swift
I mean did he really think i wanted to be just friends. In the song i called him an angel and another said i wish you would kiss me in the rain. And that i can't forget about you. But asexual though, i have nothing wrong with his sexuality and i still support him but i just wanted this to work out. And i feel like i'm the reason he's asexual maybe i wasn't a good enough girlfriend but i tried, this was my first relationship and i tried really hard. i didn't let him know how i feel i just said i was okay with it but actually i'm exploding with emotions so many questions and no answers. Where did I go wrong? Is this really my fault? I just don't know, i really don't know. Thanks for reading you guys, and thanks for always being there when i need you. Stay Beautiful <3