Update: Enter Chaos Carburetor

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Update: Enter Chaos Carburetor

Due to an onslaught of Dracs looking for extermination, in order to avoid getting ghosted I have decided to change my Killjoy name. Summer Cyanide is gone, in her place is Chaos Carburetor. Also: I met a brand new Killjoy today. For some reason she thought she needed my approval to become one. Her name is Neon Flame. I have here a list of Killjoy names for the ones who either can't think of one or for whatever reason need to change the current one they have. Feel free to use them. (these are a result of being bored in science)

Peaceful Panic
Acid Astronomy
Destroyed Dream
Detonated Disco
Wild Whisper
Neon Detonator
Silent Music
Vacant Velocity
Chemical Crossroads
Acid Anarchy
Runaway Rebel
Syncronized Battery
Musical Mayhem
Insomniac Insanity
Lunar Lunatic
Flaming Freedom
Scarlet Cyanide
Moonlit Star
Graceful Guardian
Acidic Ally
Poisoned Planet
Opal Battery
Quiet Calamity
Chaos Extermination
Moonlight Chemicals
Acidic Assassin
Bloodred Assassin
Moonlight Methane
Eternal Entity
Carburetor Bomb
Butane Battery
Cyanide Skyline
Violent Venom
Cyanide Sunset
Radium Bomb
Cyanide Sunshine
Acidic Bullet
Safety Hazard
Acid Extermination
Cyan Carburetor
Motor Methane
Solar Toxicity
Crash Hazard
Midnight Sunshine
Neon Lunatic
Neon Methane
Silent Extermination
Detonated Dancer
Countdown Crash-Queen
Methane Motorbaby
Gasoline Velocity
Neon Countdown
Final Future
Bulletproof Battery
Acid Eternity

Hope these can be of use, Killjoys. Don't let the Dracs find you.

--Chaos Carburetor--