My Father Wants my Brother Dead

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My Father Wants my Brother Dead

Only on here can I post personal things because I don't actually know you guys but you give awesome advice.

So yeah, my mom went to some high school party 'cuz she's pretty much a whore and my 9 year old bro tried to call her like 50 million times. Eventually he started pretending he was talking to her because she wasn't answering. At one point he said "Okay I love you bye" and my dad was like "if you actually did get a hold of her and that was all you said, I would personally ... ... I would personally tell you to get under a boulder and I would push it down on you."

Man, that kid always says how much he hates that man. About a week ago he came into counseling with me and kept telling me to tell my counselor what a jerk my dad is. He refused to talk with my mother in the room. My brother has tried to commit suicide because my father neglects him in general...

Has anyone here read "Running With Scissors" or "A Wolf at the Table" by Augusten Burroughs? My father is starting to act like the one in those books. In fact, today he tried to kiss my mom (THEY HAVEN'T KISSED OR HAD SEX SINCE THE KID WAS BORN) and then later he pushed her out of their bedroom and put his hands on her neck... And yesterday I heard her saying to him that she didn't like him. I didn't go to school yesterday because the man is verbally abusing me and obviously I didn't want to be in the car with him... So I got grounded for another week... It's been around a month now. I got my girlfriend back and I miss her like hell when she's not around. It's INSANE.

Seriously though, for a long time I've been worried that the man is going to get drunk and come shoot us all and kill my rabbit. The books I'm reading don't help with this, I suppose, because that's what the drunk fathers do. Kill family members and small animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs.

My father's threat to kill the kid (although he wouldn't do it) is just another step closer to my nightmare coming true. And you know what my mom says about all this shit? I've written her several notes begging her to DIVORCE MY FATHER. And she says that if she thought it would get to the point of him killing us she would leave him. It'll be too late if/when she does. She didn't think he would become some drunken bastard when she married him, did she?

Thanks for letting me get all that shit out guys. For those who read and comment on this I REALLY appreciate it, I seriously need advice... I might go start a blog on another website if anyone's interested in reading about my chaotic life.

--Chaos Carburetor--