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Guess what?? In literature class today we had to write a "business letter." mine went something like this: (BTW the "13318" zipcode is the numbers of the letters M, C, and R in the alphabet XP) I have it saved on my school computer:

Vallen Barber (Summer Cyanide)
Battery City, CA 13318
Zone 4
November 24, 2019
Killjoy Diner
Battery City, CA 13318
Zone 6

To the manager of Killjoy Diner:

Call me crazy, but I would like to state a complaint I had about something that happened in your restaurant. I was terrified when 2 men got up and started shooting ray guns at the customers. Several of the customers died. Before this incident they were highly intoxicated on alcohol your restaurant provides.

These men were wearing white suits, and I was unable to see their faces because they were covered by Dracula masks. I watched them order several shots each of whiskey and rum before the unexpected gunfight started.

It would be very nice of you to get better security to make sure no one carries weapons into the restaurant. You also should limit how much alcohol one person is allowed to order.

These men have been killed by the Killjoys who protect Battery City, but I would appreciate if you would consider these safety options.

Vallen Barber (Summer Cyanide)

I dont know if my teacher will accept that, but oh well it was fun to write. BTW has anyone else noticed that the same stretch of desert and the same diner used in the Na Na Na video is the same stretch of desert and the same diner used in Lady Gaga's Telephone video? I was watching that and was like OMGEE I recognize that diner/desert! I need to go there one day... XD

Also: I watched the BL/ind thought adjustment thing. It was fucking awesome and weird and creepy and funny all at once, and the BL/ind thing at the end is awesome... I somehow got the theory that the Killjoys are fucked up on BL/ind's medication.

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