This is how The Shining and "It's not a Fashion Statement, its a Deathwish" Correspond

If you haven't read the book this won't make much sense.

"For what you did to me, what I'll do to you, you get what everyone else gets, you get a lifetime!"
Jack thinking that Wendy and Danny had been plotting to steal The Overlook from him; and also when they locked him in the pantry and he said he'd hurt them more for that

"Do you remember back then when we met you told me this gets harder-- well it did"
Danny when he met Mr Hallorann and talked to him about The Shining

"Been holding on forever, promise me that when I'm gone you'll kill my enemies"
Something about Jack and Grady going insane and killing people because of The Overlook

"The damage you've inflicted, temporary wounds"
Everything physical that Jack did to Wendy with the mallet

"I'm coming back from the Dead"
When Wendy stabbed Jack with the knife and Jack told her she'd killed him, but he came back anyway

"And I'll take you home with me"
Just the Torrances being at The Overlook

"I'm taking back the life you stole"
Jack obsessing over being the "manager"

"We never got that far"
In raising Danny?

"This helps me to think all through the night"
The Overlook's ghosts messing with Jack's head; Danny's dreams about the future

"Bright lights that won't kill me now or tell me how"
The Overlook explodes.

"Just you and I, your starless eyes remain"
When Jack has Danny cornered in the hallway of the hotel it described how black and dark Jack's eyes were

"Hip hip hooray for me, you talked to me"
Jack being pissed off at Wendy in general

"But would you kill me in my Sleep?"
Jack standing over Wendy's bed with the mallet

"Lay still like the Dead"
Wendy passed out after Jack fucked her up

"From the razor to the rosary"
When Wendy was in the bathroom and slashed her fingers/Jack's arms with a razorblade

"We can lose ourselves"
Jack/Grady both lost their minds to the hotel

"And paint these walls in pitchfork red"
Well, Grady killed his twins and Danny had that image of Blood all over the walls of one of the rooms, plus there was Blood all over the walls and floors after Jack went insane and beat Wendy

"I will avenge my ghost"
Jack went insane fully after talking to Grady's ghost, who told him to "harshly chastise his son and wife"

"With every breath I take"
In the book it said that Jack was breathing hard when going after Danny/Wendy with the mallet

"I'm coming back from the Dead"
Wendy stabs Jack with knife, Jack tells Wendy she killed him but he comes back

"And I'll take you home with me"
Them being at the Overlook

"I'm taking back the life you stole"
Jack obsessing over being "Manager"

"This hole you put me in wasn't deep enough, and I'm climbing out right now"
When Jack was in the pantry and Grady unlocked the door for him

"You're running out of places to hide from me"
Wendy and Danny couldn't get away from Jack after he went insane

"When you go, just know that I will remember you"
Jack went insane, and died, but Danny and Wendy were still affected by that and missed who Jack was before the hotel took over his mind

"If living was the hardest part, we'll then one day be together"
Hallorann came for Danny when he called even though he barely knew him and it was life threatening

"And in The End we'll fall apart, just like the leaves change in colors"
Danny and Wendy were very upset at what had happened to Jack/Jack going insane in general

"And then I will be with you, I will be there one last time now"
Jack realized what he was doing for a moment and told Danny how much he loved him before destroying himself with the mallet

"When you go, just know that I will remember you"
Danny remembered who Jack was before the hotel messed him up and forgave him but stayed strong

"I lost my fear of falling, I will be with you"
The book said Danny was falling into darkness when Tony was finally able to come back to help him one last time

"I will be with you"
Hallorann comes to rescue Danny and Wendy.

So that's it...
Sorry if this ruins the song for you. For me it gives it more meaning. I actually get shivers whenever I listen to it now... I have a video in my head that goes along with it XP. I would make an actual video but the movie is so different from the book...
I just realized how much of a nerd I am for being able to do that when I've only read the book once.

I hope you like this thing I just told you XP

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