Bulletproof Heart, Part I

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Bulletproof Heart, Part I

This is a Frerard fanfic I started on Thanksgiving. It is very long and was never finished, but I've been wanting to share it with the MCRmy for awhile, so if anyone's interested, here's chapter 1.

Gravity don’t mean too much to me
I’m who I’ve got to be
These pigs are after me, after you
Run away like it was yesterday
And we could run away
If we could run away,
Run away from here

The desert wind blew in Gerard’s face as the car sped away from the Killjoy’s diner headquarters. He had to get away from Ray and Mikey for awhile, had to get away from those goddamn cops, to find Frank, who had been captured by BL/ind- He sighed, turning up the stereo in the car until it was blasting as loud as it possibly could. The music could clear His mind from all this worry; temporarily take His thoughts off of Frank until He got there. He took a hand off of the steering wheel to touch the Ray gun attached to His belt. That gun could save him and Frank’s lives, and if not His own then He’d die saving Frank.
He swerved suddenly as a cop car appeared beside Him, seemingly out of nowhere. He sped up to try to get away, but the speed of the cop’s car matched the speed of His own. He sighed as the cop sped up even more, getting closer and closer to Him. He didn’t want to do this, He really didn’t, but He had to—He pulled His gun out and shot at the cop a few times, right through the windshield. He heard the glass breaking and the cop swearing before the car behind Him stopped and the cop got out. Gerard slammed His foot on the gas and sped away from there as fast as He could possibly go.
The arrival itself wasn’t the hard part; the hard part was getting into the Headquarters, and finding Frank. And if Frank was all messed up and bleeding and bruised, everyone at BL/ind would die. Because that triggered one of His worst memories, from back when they were younger. Korse himself couldn’t keep Gerard from saving His friend.Korse was their worst enemy. He had been after the Killjoys since they first existed.
He was spotted immediately as He stepped through the doors. He pulled out His gun and began to fire as He was surrounded by all of the white suited Draculoids. He killed most of them and left the others wounded before running deeper into the giant white building to find Frank. As He made His Way through several hallways, he ran straight into His greatest enemy, the leader of BL/ind: Korse.
“No doubt you’ve come here looking for your ally.”
“I’ll fucking kill you.”
Korse laughed as if Gerard was nothing to worry about before replying “Highly unlikely. So before I kill YOU, would you like me to show you where your friend is?”
Gerard balled His hands into fists as He followed Korse. Before He could shoot Korse from behind, the older man turned around and snatched Gerard’s gun out of His hands. “You won’t be needing that. I have other plans for you.”
And that was when Gerard realized how stupid He was for going with Korse. For all He knew, Korse was planning to take Him into some secluded area and kill Him. Or worse. He considered running, but before He could do anything about it Korse once again faced Gerard, this time pointing the newly obtained Ray gun at the red haired Killjoy. “Oh and by the Way… Try to leave and I’ll kill you,” he smiled.
Five minutes later, to Gerard’s disbelief, they arrived at a room filled with several barred cells. Gerard looked around the room, hoping to see Frank. The moment He saw the other Killjoy He began to feel a small Ray of hope. Frank wasn’t Dead! He was amazed that Korse had actually brought Him where he said he would.

I’ve got a Bulletproof Heart
You got a hollow point smile
Me and your runaway scars
Got a photograph, dreaming
On the getaway mile

“Frankie…” Gerard whispered, walking up to the barred door of Frank’s cell.
“It’s about time, Gee,” Frank replied in a voice just as soft.
Gee. Gerard loved it when Frank called Him that. He didn’t know why, it just… Made Him feel a certain Way, almost as if He was still loved.
“I’ll get you out of here, I promise.”
Frank gave Gerard a smile that he’d been saving just for this moment, because even from the beginning of his captivity he hoped that Gerard was going to come and save him. Gerard had always been there for him no matter what happened, and this time was no different.
That smile just made Gerard more determined and He gasped as He wrapped His fingers around the bars of the door and felt Frank’s hand cover His own. He was so startled that He lost His grip as the sound of Korse’s laughter filled His ears.
“Just disgusting. But, I have to admit, you’re making my ideas for you both so much more interesting.”
“It would be nice if you could tell us those ideas.”
“But if I did, the fun of the surprise would be gone.”
Gerard really wanted to kill Korse right now, to end it all; to go back home with Frank- but the damn guy had his gun. Still, He knew He had to get Frank out of there, and now He had some planning to do.
“Hey Frank.”
Gerard pointed up, then down, made a slashing motion across His neck, and then finally pointed to Frank’s cell.
He knew it looked stupid, but He couldn’t say what He meant with Korse listening. He just hoped Frank remembered, and that He was successful.
Apparently Frank had understood. They’d made up a sort of code awhile ago when they were younger, when they’d been best friends and tried to run away from home. What Gerard had been trying to say was “Sometime tonight if I’m still alive, then I’ll save you. Just let me come up with a plan.”
“Get out of here. I hope whatever you said to him was important, because this is the last time you’ll ever hear his voice.”
As Gerard was led away by Korse, He looked back at Frank’s now desperate eyes. He had to get them both out of there.