Ugh... Life.

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Ugh... Life.

So. As usual. I haven't been on here in a shit of a long time. Anyway... Life.

I have felt like complete shit this week. Monday I left school early, fearing I might puke on, y'know.. Everyone. Tuesday I still felt like shit, but still went, Wednesday I stayed home, Yesterday I stayed and stayed after school for GSA (Gay- Straight Alliance) and I felt like complete and utter shit today so I stayed home. Now, this is definitely NOT normal for me. I never miss school. EVER. But this week has just been chaos for me, for some reason. Plus the fact that every morning when I wake up, I shake like a motherfucker. I have absolutely no clue why, though. I can't even fathom it, man.

I just.. I need to calm down. That's why I came on here. I love reading what my fellow killjoys write and I love hearing what they have to say. You all are my life. And I love you guys to death. I wish to be on here more, and I swear I WILL try.

I just love how I can come on here and rant about how shitty my life is, but know that I have a shit ton of killjoys who are here for me and care. I love you guys so much. Each and every killjoy out there reading this. You're all important, beautiful, and inspiring. You DO mean something in this world. Never forget that. "Stay beautiful, keep it ugly." <3