School Sucks, Start A Riot

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School Sucks, Start A Riot

Okay so my first blog was literal shit, so what? Yeah, I thought so.
Anyways, you that picture? I was asked by a teacher to do an "Anti-Bullying" example poster and so I did, I'd show you guys but really the school still has it... Much to my dismay. Now back to what I was saying, I used one of Gerard's quotes, a clip of a song,(Disenchanted) and I made my own quote, and a drawing of a arm with the land limp, and a razor not too far from the deep red gash left in the wrist. Underneath that gruesome drawing I did, there was the phrase "Words Hurt More Than You Think." and a lot of the teachers loved it. I don't know why I'm telling you this I just thought I'd share something. So yeah, Oh and I'm still in school as I write this, I hate it.

School can be such a drag, but really it's fun when I'm alone in a single classroom, reason being I actually get to breathe without some idiot calling me an "emo faggot" To which my smartass reply was "Too mainstream for me to care douche canoe." Yeah I think I have a very insistent sassy air about me, I guess I get it from my mother's side. I'm not sure. Anyways back to business. I hate it when I get labeled and especially if it's so cliche and used everytime someone felt the need to rally someone up. If these jerks that I call classmates really wanted to hurt me, then they'd be at least creative with what they actually want to call me. End of that.

Okay I bet you're wondering why I have also uploaded a picture of blood splatters, my reason is simple. I love gore. Okay I am seriously a fangirl for gorey love, nothing like "Twilight" or "Warm Bodies", No I'm talking about stuff like Jason and his machete, Freddy and his knife-like hand, Michael Myers and his love for mask and knifes, and Leatherface and his chainsaw. Yeah I like those things, and I find it funny when my friends are screaming while I laugh my ass off. I look like a psychopath when I do laugh at anything gorey but you have to admit it is pretty funny, I mean have you actually seen how stupid some of the people are when they are being chased or trying to hide; their sounds and everything is really just an advantage for the antagonist. Besides in the end, the bad guy always comes back because he's blood-thirsty and wants a new set of victims. So yeah, I find it funny to watch those characters screech as their stomachs are handed back to them sliced and diced.

The last picture is of my drug, I can tell you as much as I've tried, music's not really my only drug, but so is caffeine, sugar and nicotine. Yes I have had cigarettes before, I'm nearly close to quitting, but it is addictive. Caffeine is the only alternative for nicotine, because that just calms my nerves and gets me hyper just like Skittles. I'm a Coffee Addict, and possibly a Skittle Addict. I love my sugar, but I only eat sour gummies, skittles, starbursts, and a few other fruity flavored candies. I also love gum, it is essential. So yeah, I like chocolate, but not all that much, too common to eat at my house, so I usually don't touch the stuff. So now you know I'm like a hyperactive, skittle popping, coffee-addicted soon-to-be-used-to-be smoker. Meh.

You know some stuff about me now, a request and whatever you guys want to get me to answer a question of yours would be cool. I know I type alot while I'm at school. Only because I usually get in trouble, but hey, teachers never said I couldn't punch the bully to warn him. See ya'll later.