Various Happenings

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Various Happenings

First off: Happy October, everyone! Only 29 days until Halloween- better start getting those costumes ready :) i'm going to be a zombie irish dancer this year, and i'm so pumped. this'll be an amazing costume :D

Second off: I have a part of something that I'm thinking about showing you guys, but i'm not sure it's ready yet. maybe a bit more fine tuning, some tweaks here and there, and it'll be good.

Thirdly: My bio teacher lost 3 of my homework assignments and now i have a D+ in her class. Thanks Ms. H.

And finally, the picture is of me and my best friend (aka unbiological sister) Morgan practicing our guitar power stance for our next gig. i know, we're weird. that's what makes life interesting, right?

That's all i've got for now. comments, questions, compliments? you know where to find me :)
Peace love and rock and roll,