My Story (Sorry it's so long! It was getting hard to remeber what parts I'd posted, so here's the whole thing.)

The Draculoids freaked me out so much. With those huge, unblinking eyes, it always felt like they were watching me. I couldn't take looking at them at all. That's why I became a Killjoy. To get away from the Draculoids. Here at HQ, we were safe. Party Poison was the only one who knew that I had been having nightmares for months on end where the Dracs captured me, killed me and then ate me. He reassured me each time I told him that the Dracs didn't eat anyone, but I wasn't so sure.
I had only been at HQ for about three weeks now, but I already felt at home. I had all of my stuff from Zone 3 where I had been hiding out until the other Killjoys found me: My guitar, which was my most prized possession (I was fasinated that somehow BetterLiving Industries hadn't found out I still had it), my boombox and all of my CD's, what little clothes I still had, and of course, my gun, eye mask and my bandana. I slept in the room next to Party Poison just in case I had a nightmare about the Dracs. He always comforted me and got me to stop crying, unless I cried myself to sleep. Most of the time I cried myself to sleep.
Today, we had a call to Zone 3, near where my old hideout was. Uh- oh. Party Poison just told me to try to hold it together and stay in the car unless they needed me, and not to make eye contact with the Dracs. They can sense fear, and it's because of that I had almost gotten captured when the Killjoys found me.
After a breakfast of refried beans and soda (the breakfast of champions!), we were off, and as soon as we were in the car, I was freaking out inside. Jett Star cranked the music, and that calmed my nerves a little bit, but not all the way. Party Poison was driving, Jett Star was in the passenger seat, and I was sandwiched in between Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid in the back. Hopefully they couldn't feel me shaking. They didn't say anything to me, so I assumed they didn't notice.
During the fight to rescue the other Killjoy, I was sitting in the car sobbing. Luckily the Dracs didn't notice me. The Killjoys were outnumbered, but they still managed to save the little girl. I was barley able to pull myself together before the Killjoys got back in the car. This time, I sat on the middle of the bench seat in the front, next to Party Poison who was holding my shaking hand the entire way back into Zone 6, whispering to me "It's okay, you're okay, you're safe. They can't hurt you." Just like he did late at night when he held me after my nightmares. I still felt like the Dracs were following us, but Party Poison assured me they weren't. I wanted to belive him, but I couldn't.
That night, I had the worst dream yet. This time they didn't eat me or kill me : They just tortured me into telling them where HQ was and giving up the other Killjoys. I ran into Party Poison's room to find him but he wasn't there. there was a note on his pillow that said he had gone out on a late night Killjoy call, and he would be back soon. I was freaking out. I thougth that he... I didn't even want to think it. I just sat down in the middle of his room clutching the note and cried myself to sleep.
I woke up the next morning in Party Poison's bed, with him sitting in the desk chair drawing. He noticed that I was awake and came and held me in his arms, because I woke up and started crying as soon as I saw him. Just knowing that he was okay made me remember my dream. It felt so good knowing that he was okay and that I hadn't given up the HQ or the rest of my best friends in the world. He just held me and hummed a song to me, which I recognized as Welcome to the Black Parade by an old band called My Chemical Romance. I couldn't stop crying, but he just continued to hold me and rock me in his arms. I felt safe and warm there, like nothing could hurt me, not even the Dracs. Kobra Kid came to the door without us nocicing. We didn't notice for about 5 seconds, until he cleared his throat and told us that they were going out on a rescue mission in Zone 3. Party Poision asked if they would be okay without him, and Kobra said that they could manage and then left. Kobra also threw me a worried look before leaving. Oh God, did he know about my nightmares? He couldn't know. No one besides Party Poison could know.
The rest of the Killjoys got back about a half hour later... with no one new with them. I wasn't afraid this time though, because aparently she hadn't been captured by the Dracs. She was afraid that the guys were Dracs in disguise and ran away from them. She was in the same zone I was in when the Killjoys found me. That's probably why I'm so crazy. The zone she and I were in was crawling with Dracs. I asked Party Poison if the reason I was having these dreams was because I was hiding in Zone 3 from the Dracs. He said that my old zone had nothing to do with the dreams. That's the difference between me and Party Poison. He didn't call my nightmares "nightmares." He called them dreams. He always had a positive attitude for everything and never called me a nut. Party Poison just comforted and helped me through my dreams. And hummed. Lots of humming. Mostly he sang My Chemical Romance songs and Green Day songs to me. They helped me fall asleep, for some reason.
One day I asked Party Poison why they took me on rescue missions, even though I was so afraid of the Dracs. He told me that I came along because each time that I went on a mission with them, I cried less at night. The first night I was there, I cried for over five hours until I fell asleep. Now, I was down to about three and a half. Even though it was a small difference, he said that it showed I was getting better. I asked if I could stay back from the next misson, just so I wouldn't even have to be around the dracs. Even just being near them scared me. He was reluctant, but agreed after me pressing enough. In good time, too, because Fun Ghoul ran into my room and said to Party Poison that there was a call to Zone 2. Party Poison dropped a kiss on my forehead and told me to lock all the doors and to watch out for them when they got back. The entire time they were away, I was sitting at the booth by the window in the main room hyperventilating and freaking out, thinking the worst about what happened. Then I fell asleep, after about an hour of them being in Zone 2.
I woke up in my bed that morning, surprisingly, without having a bad dream that night, at least one that I remember. Party Poison was sitting in my beanbag chair, drawing again, and when he saw I was awake, came over again and held me in his arms. He told me that I had slept the whole night through without even crying, though there had been a lot of yelling about the Dracs coming to attack me. The sheets on my bed were covered in sweat, and so was I, but he didn't care. He still held me in his arms and hummed just like every other day. This time it was Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. That was the song I was listening to when they found me in the middle of the dessert. Party Poison could feel me shaking in his arms, but he just kept stroking my sweat- covered hair and humming.
I was trying not to cry. I was trying to be brave. I had finally slept the whole night through this time. I didn't want to spoil that by crying in broad daylight, and not with the other Killjoys around. Inside, I was an emotional wreck. I could barley contain myself. Everything that had been happening latley was just putting my dreams up at least fifteen notches on the "fear" scale. Being the great friend that he was, Party Poison put me down and shut the door to my bedroom. It was almost like he could sense what I was feeling inside. He picked me up again, and told me to let it all out. I did exactly what he said. I started crying the worst I had since I started staying with the Killjoys. He didn't say a word; he just pulled me closer into his chest. I breathed in his scent, which brought me a little bit of comfort. I stopped crying long enough to ask him if I was crazy. He told me that I wasn't crazy. He said that everyone seems a little crazy right now.
Then we heard a big crash at the front door. We heard the hiss of the Dracs, and I started screaming. Not just a yelp, a total bloody murder scream, and I hid in my closet, taking my guitar with me. I couldn't hear the rest because I passed out in my closet from the fear.
When I woke up, I was in my bed, with Party Poison next to me. He said that it was just the television, and the wind blew the door open. I started crying, but they weren't tears of fear, they were tears of joy. He sat up, and I just sat there in his arms saying over and over again "You guys are okay. I'm so happy you guys are okay."
Then he kissed me. Not just on the head. He kissed me on the lips. Then I asked him "Did you kiss me just to shut me up?" He chuckled a little and whispered in my ear "I love you, Krazy Kat. I'm glad you're okay." I started crying again. He asked me why I was crying. I said "I need to fix myself. Can't you see, Party Poison? I'm broken on the inside. I'm broken. I need to fix myself. I have gotten almost no sleep in the month I've been here because I've been up till all hours of the night with you crying about dreams. I'm broken." He held me tighter in his arms and said "You're not broken. You're just scared. That's all. It's like a little kid who's scared of the dark. You're just scared." I looked up into his deep brown eyes. "Really? You really think that? You don't think I'm insane?" He shook his head no and started humming Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day to me. He knew me so well. "You always know just the right thing to say, don't you Party Poison?" Then he kissed me again, and I fell asleep in his arms.
I woke up in my bed again, but this time, I was alone. The whole house was silent. I figured it must've been a really serious Killjoy mission, because no one was in HQ. There was a note pinned to my door that read "Krazy Kat, I'm out on a resuce mission. Don't worry. We'll be safe. It's in Zone 1, so there's barley any Dracs there. DON'T WORRY. The doors are locked, so you'll be safe. Love, Party Poison." As soon as I was done reading the note, the Killjoys came back in the door. Party Poison yelled my name and came running towards me to give me a big hug.
My head was reeling. I told him that I had just woken up, and he told me to go back to sleep. It felt like it was going to be a slow day, so I deserved it. I walked back into my room and laid down on my bed, but I still felt a little unsettled. I walked over to my boombox and picked a CD to play. I put in "The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" by My Chemical Romance and played the song Sing. It always helped me fall asleep. I deffinatley needed the rest. It felt like I was an insomniac. I hadn't been able to sleep for about three weeks. Okay, I'm surely going crazy now, I thought to myself. Just try and calm down. There's nothing to worry about, and if their is, Party Poison will take care of it.
Just as I was about to fall asleep, Kobra Kid came into my room. He sat down on the floor and asked me "What's up? Why haven't you been coming on rescue missions?" I wasn't thinking very clearly, and I mumbled "The dreams." He held my hand and asked me "What dreams? Are they bad dreams?" I replied "Yeah. Dracs capture me, torture me, eat me. Horrible. Can't even face Dracs because of them." All of a sudden, he got up and went to get Party Poison. I heard some slamming and some yelling. Then I heard Party Poison come into my room. He sat down next to me on my bed and asked me "Did you just tell Kobra about your dreams?" I sat up and said "No I... oh crap, was I talking in my sleep again? Kobra, I'm sorry, you weren't supposed to know about that... Please please please don't tell any of the other guys about my nightmares. Let's just keep this between the three of us." The two guys nodded. Party Poison looked at Kobra and said "I'll help her through them. You should just put this in the back of your mind. This is between me and Krazy Kat." Kobra was standing in the doorway, and he nodded and walked out, not once changing his expression. He looked angry.
I asked Party Poison, "Is he mad?" He looked down at me, stroking my hair and said "No, he's not mad. He just wants to help. Go back to sleep. No one can hurt you. You're all right." I belived him. But, as soon as I was about to fall asleep, Jett Star barged in and told us there was a Killjoy call in Zone 3, near my old hideout. This time I asked if I could come. Party Poison looked at me with wide eyes, filled with fear. "Are you sure, Kat? Are you ready?" I grabbed my gun, Destroyer, off of the table and said "Yes. But, I'm staying in the car unless you need me." I took Party Poison's hand as we walked to the car. He leaned in close to me and whispered "I'm proud of you. You're facing your fears. You should be proud too." This time, I got to sit with him in the front seat of our car. The other three guys were in the backseats.
At the fight, there were just a few tears in my eyes, unlike the last time. There were only three Dracs this time, instead of the 7 there were last time. When the battle was just about over, I noticed there was one Drac they hadn't gotten yet. All four of the guys were on their backs on the ground and unable to shoot him. His back was facing me, so he wouldn't notice if I...
I rolled down the window of the car, picked up my black and silver gun, kneeled on the floor of the car and aimed a perfect shot at the back of his head. The tears were streaming down my face. Party Poison noticed what I was doing. His eyes were as big as the moon, but he subtly nodded from the ground, letting me know he had its attention. My fingers were shaking so bad, I was surprised I could even hold the gun steady. I closed my eyes, put my finger on the trigger, and with one huge scream, pulled the trigger, releasing a short purple lazer from my gun. I heard a thump, and I started screaming and crying worse than ever before.
I crumpled down to the floor of the car and let all my fears, all my worries, everything I had been keeping hidden inside me for months and months out in my tears and screams. Party Poison came running. He threw open the door of the car, picked me up, sat down on the seat and held me in his arms. I threw my arms around his neck and just kept saying "You're alive. You're okay. You didn't die." He just kept holding me, running his fingers through my long neon pink hair and saying "I'm here. I'm here. Let it all out. I'm here."
The other three were just standing about five feet away from the car, watching in stunned silence. Jett Star finally said "Let's go back to HQ. Kobra, Fun Ghoul, get in the back. I'll drive." Jett Star drove faster than he ever had back to the house. His knuckles were white on the steering wheel. The entire way there, my sobs were the only noise in the car. I was a quivering mess in Party Poison's arms. What I did at that rescue had stunned even me. I never thought in a million years I could kill a Draculoid. He just kept holding me in silence. Before we got back to HQ, I cried myself to sleep.
When we got to HQ, Party Poison laid me down on the couch in the big room and started talking to the other guys. I couldn't make out exactly what he was saying, but the general gist was how they were never supposed to know about my phobia of the Dracs and my nightmares. Then he picked me up and moved me into his room and laid me down on his bed. He laid down next to me and whispered in my ear "I'm proud of you. You did it. You faced your fear."
The dream was vivid. Horrifingly vivid. The Draculoid from the fight didn't stay focused on the guys; he turned aroud and... I don't even want to repeat it. All you need to know is that what he did to me was awful. I turned to Party Poison who was still laying next to me, and broke down again in his arms. He just held me like always, but this time I looked at him and said "We need to fix this. We can't keep living like this. It's not healthy. Next rescue we go on, I'm not staying in the car. I'm fighting with you. We can't keep living like this." He sat up, taking me with him and said "Okay. I agree with you. You cannot keep living in this fear. It's only a fear. Seeing you in the car crumpled and broken and scared in my arms just told me that you need to get on top of this fear." Then I remebered something he had said to me when I first started living at HQ. "It's like a kid whose afraid of the dark. When you show the kid there's nothing in the dark, they're not afraid anymore." Party Poison tapped me on the nose and said "Exactly. The only thing we need to show you that there's nothing to fear." I heaved a sigh and said to him "Yeah. This is why I'm so tired all the time. Because I'm up all night crying with you."
At that moment, I had a flashback to the first night I stayed with the Killjoys. I was so afraid from the whole day. I didn't even remember the dream, but I knew it was horrific. Party Poison came running when he heard my screams. He burst through the door of my room, and looked at me from the door. Then, he scooped me up in his arms and sat down with me on the bed and told me that he would keep me safe. He ran a hand through my neon pink hair over and over again and hummed a song to me, consoled me, tried to convince me that I was okay, but nothing worked. I just kept crying and crying.
Back to reality. I agreed with him that I needed to fix this, then stated that I was hungry. I untangled myself from his arms, and walked into the kitchen to get a soda and some chips. When I walked into the big room, the other three guys started acting really weird. They had been talking and laughing and throwing stuff at each other before I came in, but when I went and sat down on the couch in front of the television, they were silent. I sort of chuckled and looked at them, popping the tab on my soda in the process. After I had eaten about half of the chips and finished the soda with the guys still silent, I finally said to them "Okay, what? You've been acting really weird since the mission other night. What's up?" They looked at each other nervously, and Fun Ghoul said "We know about the dreams. Don't worry, we won't get involved. Just telling you that we know." I started shaking inside. They knew? They knew! God, they knew...
I left the chips and the empty can where they were, and stormed into Party Poison's room. "How could you tell them?" He spun the desk chair around, his demenor just as calm as ever and said "They were really scared when they saw you like that. They needed to know. They had a right to know. But, they're really proud of you for facing your fear like that." Okay, that made it more managable that they knew. I sat down in his lap and said "I'm still mad at you for telling. But, I can't stay mad at you too long. You're too cute to stay mad at." He just sort of chuckled, and then kissed my head.
His sketchbook was open on the desk, so I decided to sneak a peek at what he was drawing. I looked, and saw a beautiful young couple laying in some grass. The girl in the drawing had long, neon pink hair, purple eyes and a jacket on like the uniforms from the Black Parade tour. The boy had fire red hair, chocolate brown eyes and a blue and red jacket on. The kids were laying on their backs, looking into each other's eyes lovingly. I recognized the couple immidiatley. "Is that us?" I asked him. He glanced at the drawing quickly, and said "Oh, yeah. That's nothing. I was just doodling. Do you like it?" I stared at the drawing and then at him " 'Just nothing?' Party Poison, it's beautiful. We're beautiful. Y'know, I've seen you drawing a few times now, but I never thought to ask you what you were drawing. It's gorgeous. I love it." Party Poison took his arms away from my waist, picked up the book and tore the drawing out of it. He folded it in half perfectly and said "Here. All yours." I put the drawing inside my coat pocket, where nothing could happen to it.
Then he did the most surprising thing of all. He got up and chose a CD from his stack and put it into his boombox. A slow song came on. He extended a hand to me and asked "May I have this dance, mi'lady?" I sort of giggled and said "With pleasure." It was magical. He spun me around the room, dipped me, and held me tight, with the grace of a trained ballroom dancer. Our Chuck Taylors squeaked a little against the worn wooden floor. When the CD ran out of music for us to dance to, we still kept spining in our little world, where nothing could hurt us, touch us, take us away from each other. I thought I heard the other guys snickering from the door, but I didn't care. When we were done, he walked me to my room, laid me down in my bed and said "Sweet dreams, my Princess." and kissed me. When he was done I said "Good night, my handsome Prince." Then he walked to the doorway, looked at me one more time and then shut the light out and went into the big room. It was when he walked away that I knew I had met my Prince Charming.
The next morning, I woke up and Party Poison was laying beside me. He kissed me and then I asked "You couldn't stay away, could you?" He chuckled, then said "You slept the whole night through. No yelling, no tears, no nothing." I nodded my head. "Wow. A full four hours without having a panic attack. It's a new record!" I said sarcastically. He laughed that adorable laugh and said, "The guys had a call while we were dancing, but they said they didn't wanna interrupt." I rolled my eyes. "Great, they know about that, too? I thought I heard them laughing at us." We sat up and he said "Well, at least they'll make fun of me, and not you. They know not to make fun of a girl." I laughed at him and he pushed me playfully. Then he got up and announced "I'm goiong to go get some breakfast. You want anything?" I said "No, I'm not really hungry," and he went out of the room and into the big room. While he was away, I went over to my bulliten board and pinned the drawing of us on it, right in the center. I looked at the drawing, thinking back to last night. Our magical dance, the kiss, everything. It was perfect.
Then Party Poison ran into the room and said that we had a mission to the outskirts of Zone 6. He said "Are you ready for this?" I grabbed my gun, twirled it around my finger and put it in my holster. "As ready as I'll ever be, I guess... Let's go." We all ran to the car and got in. Again, I was shaking the whole ride there, but not as bad as the last mission. This time, I wasn't as worried. 'Hmm, maybe I am getting better.' I thought. When we got to the rescue, there were only 5 Dracs. One for each of us. We got out of the car, and I tried to look brave, heroic, something that didn't show my fear. I looked one of the Dracs in the eye, aimed my gun at his head, closed my eyes and fired. "Money shot! Right in between the eyes!" Fun Ghoul yelled. I was trying so hard to keep it together. My breathing was ragged, my hands were shaking. It felt like my entire body was shaking, but I stayed with them over to the side of the fight. When we were about five feet from the car, a Draculoid that had been hiding behind some rocks made his move.
He ran out from behind us, grabbed me around the neck and hissed at the guys. The Drac's grip was so tight around my neck it was choking me. I could feel something on his hands burning my skin. I was just able to croak out ", Party.... Poison.... get this... thing...!" Party Poison immidiatley ran towards us. He grabbed the Drac's wrists and tried to peel him off of me. My vision was faiding, and it was getting harder to breathe by the second. I felt boiling hot and freezing cold all at the same time. I saw my life flash before my eyes. My mouth tasted funny. It felt like I was about to vomit. My knees buckled, and then the rest of my body went down. My vision blacked out. I couldn't hear anything, except for a roaring in my ears. It was only a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity that I was blacked out. Oh God, was I dead? I felt someone's hands rubbing my hair and face, shaking my shoulders, trying to get a pulse or some reaction from me. The hands were clammy, like ice against my skin. The hands went to my neck, where the burns from whatever was on the Drac's hands were. Once the hands gently touched the burns, I felt shooting, stabbing pain which was enough to wake me up.
When I woke up, Party Poison was standing over me, his hair made even more red by the sun behind him. After I saw the dead Draculoid lying behind me, I broke into heartbreaking, gut-wrenching sobs that echoed across the plains of the desert. I crumpled into a quivering heap, but Party Poison was there to catch me. He held me, comforted me, tried to do everything he could to help me, but he couldn't. "It TOUCHED me, it acutally touched me!!!" I yelled. "That was horrifying." Party Poison said. I could tell that he had been rocked by the whole thing too because he was shaking. I could hear his gun rattiling in its holster.
Party Poison looked at the other guys and said "Let's get in the car and get back to HQ." One of the guys ran over and drove the car right next to us. Jett Star opened the passenger door for Party Poison and me. I felt myself being lifted into the car and placed into Party Poison's lap.
Riding back, I felt scared, broken, damaged again in Party Poison's arms. That attack was easily the most horrific thing that had ever happened to me. All of the progress I had made or ever hoped to make flowed out of me with each of my tears. I probably wouldn't be able to sleep soundly at night again. Just that one thing that had happened to me had taken my whole world and turned it upside down. I couldn't take it. I was so freaked out. Party Poison whispered to me "You're staying with me from now on." I didn't disagree.
That night, Party Poison and I were laying in his bed, with me crying. He was still shaking a little. I could tell he was just about to cry. "You can cry, if you need to." I said to him. He shook his head and said to me "I have to be strong for you." I looked at him and said "No you don't. I have to be strong for me. This whole time, you've been doing all that you can, but it's out of your hands. It's in my hands. You don't need to be strong. I'm the one that needs to be strong." After I said that, I saw a small tear roll down his cheek. His voice got choked up. "I thought I was going to lose you forever. Your face, your eyes... you looked so scared. When you fainted, I thought.... I thought you were dead. I wouldn't be able to take you being gone. Never getting to dance with you again. Never getting to see your perfect smile ever again. It scared me. I can't imagine my world without you because...because you are my world." I looked at him and said "You're my world too."
Then, he got up and walked towards his boombox. Immidiatley, I knew what he was doing. He put a CD in the player and then we danced our magical dance again. This time, though, my neck was burning and covered in blood, my jacket, pants and hair were lightly dusted with desert sand, and there were tears filling my eyes. I felt like the most beautiful girl in the zones outside of Battery City. I barley remembered the place, the date, the time, my own name. I just knew I was dancing with my best friend in the world. I loved him, and he loved me. That was all I knew.
We fell asleep an hour later.
A Killjoy mission woke us up the next day. The rest of the guys went, but didn't feel that great, so I decided to stay home. I sat in the booth in the big room waiting for them. It didn't take more than forty five minutes. But, when they walked through the door, only three of the four guys came in: Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and Jett Star. I started to shake. "Where is Party Poison?" I asked as calmly as I could, which wasn't very calm. The guys exchanged some looks and told me he had been captured by the Dracs. I bolted into my room to grab my gun, eye mask, bandana and the picture of us he drew. Running out the front door, I yelled "I'm going to get him. Just me. Wait, I need the car keys. Where are the keys? WHERE ARE THE CAR KEYS?" Jett Star came over towards me and handed me the keys to the car. "Here they are, calm down. You're going to find him." I threw a look at him and yelled "Calm down? Calm down?!?! Don't you tell me to calm down until your girlfriend gets captured by the Draculoids! I'll be back... soon." He looked at the other two and said "That girl may be small, but that's some big anger."
The drive into Battery City felt longer than usual. Knowing that Party Poison was in danger pushed my fear out of me and filled that space with anger. I played "Not Afraid" by Eminem on repeat the entire ride there to remind myself to not be afraid. I drove as fast as possible so I could get there as fast as possible. When I got to the BetterLiving Industries Headquarters, I parked my car two miles down the street, so the cameras wouldn't see me. Before I got out of the car, I put on my eye mask, tied my bandana around my mouth and took one last look at the drawing of us. 'Okay, let's do this. Let's go rescue my boyfriend.' I thought.
I slunk my way through the air ducts without any problem. Being small does have its advantages. When I was finally above the cell where Party Poison was, I have to admit, I screamed a little bit. He looked dusty, but other than that, generally unharmed. When he heard me, his eyes widened and he whispered "What are you doing here??" I giggled and said "Well, what does it look like? Saving your sorry butt, of course! Now, get out from under the vent. It's time for a little jailbreak." I aimed my gun at the corners of the vent and fired. "Catch it, so it doesn't make any noise!" I said to him. He ran under it just in time to catch the vent cover and set it down on the ground. Then he grabbed the small stool to stand on to get himself into the vent. Once he was in, he threw his arms around me and hugged me for maybe a full minute. "I yelled at the guys when I found out that you were captured." I told him. He laughed at me when I told him. "They were probably very afraid of you when you were yelling at them. Are you alright? You feel kind of warm." He said. I nodded and said "I'm fine." Then,we were crawling through the ducts. We made sure to be absolutley silent, so the Dracs wouldn't hear us.
We were able to get out without being noticed, lukily (or so we thought). Once we got to the car, we pulled off our eye masks and bandanas, and then were on the road. I drove the car, again, as fast as I could. When we crossed into Zone 5, he looked at me and said "I'm sorry I made you do that. You must've been wicked scared." I shook my head and said "You didn't make me do that. I wanted to do it. You would've done the same for me. And, to tell you the truth, I wasn't that afraid. I was more angry at the Dracs for capturing you. No one lays a hand on my boyfriend without my permission!" He laughed and said "And no one lays a hand on my girlfriend without my permission."
All of a sudden, we heard a motorcycle revving up behind us. Party Poison turned around in his seat to see what was happening. "Um, don't freak out, but there's a Draculoid following us right now." I checked the rearview mirror just to make sure he wasn't kidding, and sure enough, there was a Draculoid behind us. I glanced at him and said "You know how to work the big gun on the top of the car, right?" His response was "You and I both know that's a silly question. Now, pedal to the medal time. Let's try and get away from this guy first." I love driving fast, I thought. When I pushed the accelerator, my foot went down much I felt the floor of the car under the pedal. The Drac sped up right along with us. "He's gaining on us..." I said to Party Poison. He turned around again and said "Then it's time for the big guns. Litterally. Kat, open the sunroof. Let's blow the head off that Drac." I did what he said and he stood up on his seat, sticking his torso out of the sunroof. I heard him loading the gun, then turning off the saftey. "Ready?" I heard him call to me, "THREE... TWO... ONE!" Then, the car lurched a little and I heard an explosion, along with the hiss of a Draculoid. "Did we get him?" I called to Party Poison. Glancing quickly in the rearview, there was no Drac following us. "We got him!" He said as he sat back down in his seat and put his seatbelt back on. "You got some great aim there, Party Poison." I said to him. "Yeah..." He said looking at me "Now let's get back home."
Pulling into the garage at HQ, I finally broke into tears. Again, Party Poison was there to catch me. "This was all my fault," I said. "If only I had come with you guys, you wouldn't have gotten caputred, and I wouldn't have freaked out at the guys, and the Draculoid wouldn't have followed us, or any of this whole mess. If I had just come with you..." He rubbed my shoulders and said, "None of us could've stopped this from happening. I guarentee you that if you had come with us, I still would've gotten captured." I wiped away my last tear and said "You're right. Now, let's go show the guys the outcome of this rescue mission." He laughed and opeed the passenger side door. We climbed out of the car, took each other's hands and walked towards the pannels of wood that served as a door to the HQ. All the guys cheered and clapped when we came back into the big room, and Jett Star told Party Poison about my little outburst. "I already heard." Party Poison said. "Yeah, that freaked me out." Jett Star said. "I didn't mean to take out my anger on you," I said, "But it just kinda happened." Jett Star said "It's okay. You were just scared or nervous or something..."
Then, I felt woozy. My vision faded to black, and I passed out again. My hand slipped out of Party Poison's as I crumpled towards the floor. I felt my head bounce a little when it hit the floor. The hands returned, and this time, they were careful not to touch the scars on my neck. They felt my wrists to try and get a pulse this time. The hands were shaking this time. Immidiatley, I knew who the hands belonged to.
"What happened, where am I?" I asked when I woke up. I couldn't remember what had just happened. I looked around frantically. My vision was still hazy. My brain was processing everything slowly. I felt clammy everywhere. My head hurt from hitting the wooden floor. Party Poison was kneeling above me, his hands on my shoulders. He pulled me close to him and said "You passed out. Don't you ever scare me like that again. I think that the scars on your neck got really badly infected from whatever the Draculoid had on his hands and made you sick. They're bright red and sort of swollen. Kobra, can you get me a wet rag? Let's clean those off. There's still some dirt in them too. Then we'll get you into bed so you can rest." I nodded my head, then heaved a sigh. "At least I rescued you." I said to him. He chuckled after Kobra Kid handed him the rag and said, "Yeah, at least you rescued me." He stood up and carried me to my bedroom and put me in my bed. He cleaned off my scars and then said "Go to sleep. That'll help you feel better." I made myself comfortable and said "You don't need to tell me twice." then fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.
The next day, Party Poison didn't go on any missions, just so he could take care of me. He got me ice for my scars, got me food, and did anything I needed for me. It was nice to just have that time alone together. He played all of my favorite music, watched my favorite movies with me, and sometimes, just sat with me. It was a perfect day. Well, besides the fact that my neck was in some serious pain all day, it was perfect. Practially every five minutes, he said how proud of me he was for rescuing him. "I know how much courage that took for you. If it wasn't for you, I would still be sitting in that cell driving myself crazy." I sighed and said "If I was actually at the mission where you got captured, you wouldn't have gotten captured." He looked at me and said "Stop saying that! Like I said before, even if you had been there, I still would've gotten captured. You can't blame yourself for what happened." I nodded and said "Okay, I'll try and stop talking about it. But, these stupid scars hurt really bad." I even added a groan for effect. He put the ice back on them. "Even with those mammouth scars on your neck, you look perfect." He said. I giggled and said "You always know just the right thing to say, don't you?"
That night, I had no bad dreams again. I was getting better! That's progress! Maybe confronting the problem is what made me better. I woke up and told Party Poison that I felt better, and I wanted to come on the next mission with them. I also told him that actually facing my fear was making my dreams better. When I told him that, he gave me a look and said "Are you sure? You hit your head pretty hard on the floor the other day. Maybe you should stay home again." He walked towards me to try and feel my forehead, but I said to him "No! I'm serious. When was the last time I had a nightmare, two weeks ago, maybe three? I'm getting better, and I'm going with you guys on the next mission." Reluctantly, he agreed to me coming with them. "I promise I'll keep you safe. I won't let you get captured or hurt again." He said to me.
A couple days later, we had a mission. Good. It was getting lonley just sitting at home while the guys were out on missions, rescuing other people, stopping the Draculoids. I was sandwiched in the back of the car again. When we got there, six Dracs were waiting for us. Great, we're outnumbered. As we were fighting, I felt myself getting more and more afraid of them. What if they hurt me again? What if they capture me, torture me, or, eat me? That would be my worst nightmare, realized. I tried to calm myself down, but that became virtually impossible when one Draculoid grabbed me by the waist and heaved me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
"Party Poison!!!!" I yelled from the Draculoid's shoulder. I started kicking, screaming, punching the Draculoid, in an attempt to make him put me down, but nothing worked. Party Poison was standing, staring at the whole thing like a statue. Luckily, I was able to reach my gun and fire a shot into the Draculoid's head, which made him drop me. When I got up, I looked at Party Poison and yelled "YOU PROMISED!!!" He ran towards me and tried to hug me, but I pushed him away and said "Don't even touch me! You promised they wouldn't get me! YOU PROMISED!!" Then I started running away as fast as I could from the life I knew, and the guys, leaving a trail of desert dust in my path.
I was frozen. I didn't know what to do. She had just run away from us. From me. The sound of her Chuck Taylors slapping against the hard desert ground made it clear she wasn't coming back. We would probably get a call to rescue her within a week, or else she'd be... no. I had seen her almost die once, and I never wanted to picture that agian.
While I was trying to process what had just happened, I thought I heard someone calling my name. I just ignored the person, whoever it was. I just stood, staring after her. I could still see the small cloud that was her running away. She couldn't run away. She needed me.
Then, Fun Ghoul came up and put a hand on my shoulder. "Look, I know it's hard to lose her dude, but we gotta go. It's getting hot out here." I could still see her neon pink hair in the distance. Maybe if I ran, or drove, fast enough, I could catch up with her...
I acted on a whim. It was stupid of me, but I got in the driver's seat of the car, closed the door and peeled away from the other guys, following the small dot of pink and black that was running across the horizon. I wanted to show her that I cared. That I would NEVER do anything to hurt her. That I loved her.
Finally after about an hour, I found her. She was collapsed on the ground, weeping and saying "He promised," quietly to herself over and over again. I ran towards her and kneeled beside her. When she saw me, she looked up at me, hate in her eyes and said "Get away from me!" I took her shoulders in my hands and said "No! I'm not leaving until I say something. Kat, I would NEVER do anything to hurt you. I love you. You are the light of my life. I would NEVER hurt you, or break a promise. But, when that Draculoid picked you up, I was so freaking afraid I didn't know what was happening. I was so scared that I was going to see you die, right there, on the spot, that I was scared out of my mind. You need to understand that I was trying to make my legs work, my arms, something work, but I couldn't. Kat, you would know if I didn't care about you if I didn't take the time to find you out here. If I hadn't stolen the car to come and find you. I don't want to lose you Kat. You are too special to me. I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH to let you go like this."
She looked at me and said "Just shut up and kiss me already," which I did. Then I said "So I take it you forgive me?" while giving her a hug. "Yeah, I forgive you. I love you too, Party Poison."